With the do-it-yourself construction market now surpassing the $13 billion mark, it’s clear that more people are feeling comfortable with taking on construction. Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or you’ve taken the leap to start your own contracting business, finding the best tool box is a must.

Your tool box will not only decide how many tools you can bring to a site but generally how prepared you are at any given time. If you don’t have a tool box big enough to hold your larger tools, you might be lugging a box around for no reason. The size and durability of your tool box should match the kind of work you do.

If you’re looking for a new tool box, there’s a lot to consider. Think about these 4 points when looking for the best tool box out there, and then check out 5 of your best options.

Decide on Material

Deciding on the kind of material you want your tool box to be made out of is a foundational question. Each material comes with its potential pros and cons, different pricing options, and availability. While it may not matter to everyone, it could be the essential question for some people.

Metal Tool Box

Choosing a metal tool box means that you’ll be spending a little more than you would for a plastic one. You’ll be dealing with a heavier tool box but you’ll also be dealing with a sturdier one. Metal has specific care needs, will need to be cleaned, oiled, and kept away from corrosive substances.

best metal tool box

Plastic Tool Box

A plastic tool box, on the other hand, will be slightly less expensive and easy to find in a wide variety of hardware shops. You’ll save money and have something light that can still hold lots of weight. While plastic tool boxes might seem less durable in theory, they’re actually fairly robust.

You don’t have to worry about plastic boxes becoming wet or coming into contact with corrosive material. It should wipe right off. The other great thing about plastic boxes, is that you’ll find the best tool box for the money made from plastic.

Security Matters

Security is essential to many people in their tool box. Whether you’re getting a large portable case or a smaller handheld case, you could have valuable tools inside. Power drills, soldering irons, and even nice drafting tools could run you hundreds a piece.

Rather than worry about anyone getting into your case and messing about, think about buying a case that has a security option. While you might have to purchase your lock separately, having one that locks gives you a needed sense of security. Your more casual thieves will move along and look for an unlocked box to start picking from.

Make sure you have peace of mind and can take calm and relaxed lunch breaks by getting a box that has a locking mechanism or the ability to add one.

Think About Portability

Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY hobbyist, you might have the need for portability. Portable tool boxes have changed to include not only the standard long rectangular box with the handle on the top but also toolboxes that resemble rolling suitcases.

For an added layer of portability, perhaps you should consider a truck box. If you find that you’re driving your truck to and from the places you work, adding a truck box gives you added space and versatility. Some are large enough to add a handheld tool box inside of.

Make the most of your space by letting portability be your guide. You shouldn’t have any limits when it comes to finding a site to work at. Your box should be nothing if not helpful for letting you work wherever you feel like. You can find our best portable toolbox review below.

best portable tool box

Assess Your Workload

The difference between a typical handyperson and a person who only needs a tool box for hobbies means different tool boxes. Depending on your workload, you could be looking at vastly different tool boxes.


People who only need a hobbyist box will find that they might actually need a bigger box than the average contractor. They will need a box that has absolutely everything they need for a single project.


People who are contractors for a living will have separate containers for fasteners, adhesives, and marking tools. The typical hobbyist will need to have everything available in one box. If you’ve got a simple and lean workload or perform the same kind of work every day, you can have a dependable number of tools in your box. Contractors use the same dozen or so tools every day and can predict exactly the kind of box they need on sight.

If you need a comprehensive ratchet set, don’t depend on a separate carrier for that. Depend on your tool box.

5 Best Tool Box Reviews

In this section of our article, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of our picks for the best tool boxes. Keep in mind, these are also the best tool box brands, so you might look into them if the one we chose doesn’t entirely fit what you’re looking for.

1. Trusco’s 2-Level Tool Box

best tool box

Trusco’s 2-Level tool box is a blue enamel box that opens in two directions to reveal different storage areas. You can reconfigure the metal boxes for whatever kind of project you’re working on. It’s light but durable. You’ll be able to rely on it for years to come, whether you need it every day or just for the occasional DIY project.

2. Series 2000 from Stanley

Best Tool Box for the Money

best tool box for the money

If you need just the most basic box, the Series 2000 from Stanley should be able to do the job. You can get it for a low price from online retailers or wherever you get your hardware supplies. It’s got organizers built into the lid and a lot of durability with its heavy-duty plastic construction.

3. Klein Tools Straight-Walled Tool Bag

Best Tool Bag

best tool bag

The Klein Tools Straight-Walled bucket is a clever and aesthetically pleasing solution. It’s got a water-resistant rope handle and can hold 75 pounds of tools. It’s a great bag for working fast or if you’re always handling a different job.

4. Stack-On 16 Inch Multipurpose Steel

Best Mechanical Tool Box

best mechanic tool box

If you’ve got a lot of gear that needs to get from site to site, the Stack-On 16-inch Multipurpose Steel box is a solid and basic box that will do the job. If you’re providing a lot of boxes to your staff or just need something simple, this metal box will do the trick at a low price. We consider metal tool boxes to be the best tool boxes because of their longevity.

5. DeWalt Tstak

Best Portable Tool Box

best portable tool box review

The DeWalt Tstak line of boxes and organizers gives you a lot of room to grow. You can stack up your boxes, put them on a set of casters (sold separately), and organize an entire shed with one system. Tstak boxes have great long handles, deep storage bins for power tools, and a modular capability better than even the best tool box on the market.

Due to it’s capabilities and how you can easily customize your own tool stack, we give it the award of best portable tool box, especially if you purchase the trolley for it.

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