If you’ve recently gotten into large-scale home remodeling, or just looking to try your hand at some wooden DIY projects, you need the right tools for the job. Common items include things like screwdrivers, a hammer, and a wrench. But, to get the best results, you need the best mechanic tool set possible. This is a full-scale collection of everything you could ever need in one place.

Such an investment ensures you can take on all the big ideas you have for your home. The last thing you want to do is dive into a project only to find you don’t have a crucial tool for it, or that a tool doesn’t work as well as you thought it would.

Keep such mistakes from happening by starting a project off on the right foot. The following is your complete guide to buying the best mechanic tools.

5 Best Mechanical Tool Sets

1. The Craftsman 38165

the craftsman best mechanic tool set

Craftsman is well-known among household handymen and professional mechanics alike. This set is the perfect kit to get started on that project you’ve been dreaming about or finish a work in progress.

It comes with 165 pieces in total. Of them, 92 are sockets, which gives you plenty of versatility when working with different screws and bolts. Plus, there are even extension handles included for hard to reach places!

2. The Stanley STMT71654

The Stanley STMT71654

If you’re interested in what the Craftsman model above has to offer, check out this Stanley set, too. The STMT71654 has over 200 pieces, including 68 sockets and 3 extension bars. Stanley’s set is perhaps the best starter mechanic tool set for the money.

You can pretty much do anything with all of these tools. The case is extremely well-organized and sturdy. It’ll last years in the garage or even for on-the-go needs while road tripping or camping.

This Stanley rings in at under $100 as well, depending on the number of pieces you choose.

3. The Crescent CTK170CMP2

The Crescent CTK170CMP2 mechanic tool set

If you’re looking for the basics rather than something a little over the top, the Crescent CTK170CMP2 is your best bet. This combines a little bit of both. It won’t leave you empty-handed when you need a specific piece. But, this 170-piece collection isn’t too much to keep track of.

Crescent has made the molding much stronger to keep everything in place, too, and they are one of the best tool brand for mechanics.

4. The Klutch Mechanic’s 305-Piece Tool Set

the Klutch Mechanic's 305-Piece Tool Set

The Klutch Mechanic’s 305-Piece set is the best pick for those who love to work on projects all the time, all over the house. It has the most pieces of any of the best mechanic tool set choices on this list.

There’s a mini case for the smaller pieces and a few tools that have a special design for added comfort and strength – like the flip open allen wrenches. Whether you need to replace your old, worn out basics or want to complete your mechanic tool collection, this is a set to strongly consider.

5. The Kobalt Standard

The Kobalt Standard

As useful as the Klutch set can be, there is one major catch – it doesn’t come with a case! In the Kobalt Standard, every piece has a place. The case is beautifully designed to easily store and go, and it opens into a tri-fold to make working a breeze. Kobalt is another one of the best mechanic tool set brands available.

Such storage makes simple tasks around the house easy to take care of, but it really shines when you’re on the go. Keep this kit in your car for any emergency needs, or find a space in the house you can easily grab it as needed.

Determine Your Needs

First things first, before you start shopping around, you need to know what you’re shopping for. The best way to get a list of must-have mechanical tools going is to think in terms of current projects you’ve planned for the house.

But, try to have a bit of a futuristic mindset, too. Regardless of what your most current needs are, something is going to come up later on that will require you to have mechanic tools ready. This may be a minor issue that needs fixing or a home expansion or bedroom transformation. It’s hard to tell what the future holds.

However, you can make the proper preparations now to have the best mechanic tool set ready for whatever projects you get into.

Ask Around

best mechanic tool set

Ready to start shopping for the best mechanic tool set for the money? Great – begin the search by asking the handymen (and women) in your family and friend groups. You’re not the only one who wants to keep some tools in the house, and asking people you trust can point you in the right direction. Not to mention, such conversations can provide invaluable insights.

When you ask someone about the mechanic tools they keep in their home, they’re bound to give you plenty of details. The basics will include the make and model of a certain set, how much it costs, and how well everything runs.

In addition to this, though, you may get some advice on the kind of projects such tools can handle, and the best way to keep them running well. Not all of this information is found in the manual, even in the best mechanic tools. Sometimes, understanding one set of tools versus another comes down to experience.

The longer a person has had a certain set in their home, the more knowledge they’ll have to pass down to you.

Do Your Research

As great as recommendations for the best mechanic tool set can be, it pays to do your own research, too. This will either confirm or deny what your friends and family have claimed about their preferred mechanic tool set. Plus, it’s rare that everyone you ask will recommend the same exact mechanic tool set. Research allows you to compare and contrast your top choices.

To make this step easier, check out the list below of some of the best mechanic tool set options out there.

best mechanic tools

Consider Accessories and Additional Tools

Just when you think you’ve decided on the best mechanic tool set for your needs, consider one more thing: will you need anything not offered in a basic tool set? You may need to upgrade to a more extensive option. At the very least, research accessories and additional tools that aren’t offered in a standard set. Again, this goes back to the kind of work you plan to do around the house.

But, it’s never a bad idea to be well-prepared. Not to mention, some accessories actually make it easier to use standard tools! Look into such opportunities in order to get the best results possible.

Breaking in the Best Mechanic Tool Set for You

After the final choice is made and you’ve got your tool set in hand, it’s time to get to work. Lay out all the materials for your project and see what your tools can really do! A new tool set is just the motivation you need to finally finish what you’ve been meaning to work on. It also offers some inspiration to do more improvements to the house in the future.

For extra information regarding any other tool needs, from power tools to everyday items, click here.

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