Why do you need to find the best laser level? Picture this. You’re trying to hang pictures on your wall and they keep ending up crooked. Hours later, all you have to show for your hard work is a bunch of holes in your wall and some uneven pictures.

Maybe you are on a construction site and building a retaining wall. A traditional bubble level isn’t going to cut it in making sure the length of the wall is level. If only you had a laser level to make this job a breeze. Just set up the level, turn the laser on, and you have a perfect line to follow as you hang your pictures or build your wall.

Whether you are doing chores around the house or on a major construction site, a laser level is going to make the job quicker and easier. Keep reading for the best laser levels for your next project. Then, once you have picked yours out, check out these top power tools perfect for your next project.

Do You Need a Laser Level?

Traditional bubble levels are only good for the distance that they are long. A laser level can be useful for 10, 30, even 100 feet.

laser level reviews

Which Laser Level is Right For You?

There are a wide variety of levels on the market ranging from as cheap as $15 all the way up to $400. There are even some that are upwards of $1,600. Most of us don’t need or have the budget for a $1,600 laser level or other tools. So, the best laser levels for the rest of us are going to have a few key features.

The Features of the Best Laser Levels

  • Look for a minimum of 20 feet for a range. You will find that the better quality laser levels will guarantee their accuracy up to 30 feet.
  • A self-leveling mechanism that can be locked is invaluable. The best self leveling laser will have a pendulum style for this.
  • The third key feature to look for is an automatic out-of-level light. This will let you know that you are off without you having to constantly check.

Two Most Popular Types of Laser Levels

laser level

There are two types of lasers you will be looking at as they are the most popular: a fixed line laser and a rotary laser. There is a third type, a dot laser, but it’s less versatile in its usefulness.

Fixed Laser Level

These levels will create a straight line either horizontal or vertical along your floor or wall. These levels are mainly designed for indoor use. You will want to buy one with at least a 120-degree range for the laser light. If you can find 180 degrees, that is even better and usually not much more of an investment.

Rotary Laser Level

These levels are placed in the center of the room and will shine out a laser line in 360 degrees at the same time. This means you can have chalk lines on all four walls, floor to ceiling, at one time.

Some rotary lasers will come as part of a kit so you get the tripod with it. You will also see some lasers coming with a pair of glasses to see the light lines better.

Top 10 Best Laser Level Reviews: One for Every Workshop

We’ve gathered the best laser levels for a variety of needs. Keep reading to find the best laser level for your next project.

1. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

best laser level

This multi-function tool combines a tape measure, triple position bubble level, and laser level all in one tool. This will let you efficiently install shelves, lay flooring, or hang wallpaper. The tape measure feature reaches up to eight feet. The laser feature has a battery backup so the laser will never fail you.

2. DEWALT Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

cross line laser

You’ll get up to 100 feet of guaranteed accuracy in both horizontal and vertical laser lines. The over-molded style is a protective housing to keep out any water or debris. This particular model is self-leveling and a three-year warranty. There is also a magnetic pivot bracket included that allows you to mount the level to any metal vertical surface.

3. Bosch Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

Best Laser Level for the Money

Best Laser Level for the Money

The cross line laser projects two laser lines to make a cross projection. There is a smart pendulum system that allows this tool to self-level. An automatic out of level warning light will let you know if you are not level. If you prefer that is a manual function that will let you manually lock the laser at any level. The price is well under $100, but the features that you get is what earns it the place of the best laser level for the money.

4. Black+Decker Laser Level

Best Laser Level for Hanging Pictures

Best Laser Level for Hanging Pictures

If you are just looking to do odd jobs around the house such as hanging pictures, this level will do the trick. There is a two bubble vial with back-light for easy reading. You can rotate the level 360 degrees on its wall attachment, though the laser will only have a range of about 10 feet.

5. Johnson Self Leveling Rotary Laser System Kit

Best Rotary Laser Level

Best Rotary Laser Level

If you are looking for a complete professional grade kit, this laser will fit your needs. This kit comes with a tripod, laser level, glasses, carrying case, mounting bracket, and grade rod. This laser level can be used in an exterior residential situation for leveling footings, installing a fence, planting beds, or building a retaining wall. It is also effective in a commercial situation for checking floor heights, pouring concrete, or erecting walls.

6. Leica Geosystems LINO L2 Cross Line Laser Pro Kit

Cross Line Laser Pro Kit

This pro laser level kit comes with a rechargeable battery, charger target plate, hard case, and a quick start guide. This will let you get started leveling immediately.

7. Johnson Level and Tool Laser Line Level

Best Laser Level for Homeowner

best laser level for homeowner

This is another residential indoor use only laser level. It will adhere to any surface with Superstick adhesive that is supposed to be reusable. The laser will project up to 30 feet. You have the ability to shine both vertical and horizontal lines. The size of this level, makes it the best laser level for homeowners.

8. Dewalt Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser

Best Multi Line Laser Level

Best Multi Line Laser Level

Looking for more than just two laser lines, then the Dewalt is your laser level with three. There is also a built-in pivot bracket and two times brighter diodes. Its self-leveling and accurate within one-eighth of an inch for thirty feet. This will give you 90-degree laser leveling accuracy for an entire room simultaneously. The 3 lasers together make this the best multi line laser level.

9. Huepar Self-Leveling 360 Laser Level

Best Laser Level for Builders

Best Laser Level for Builders

The best rotary laser level, the Huepar, provides 360 laser level measuring with pendulum locking making. it will be accurate within 4 degrees with the self-leveling. Multi-function mode allows for one button operation. This will let you project lines in a cross, vertical, or horizontal. It’s virtually indestructible, earning the award of best laser level for builders.

10. Black+Decker BullsEye Auto-Leveling Interior Line Laser/Stud

Best Self Leveling Laser

best self leveling laser

This laser level is going to do double duty as a level and a stud finder. If you are doing projects like hanging shelving on the walls this one tool will be vital. The level function has automatic leveling making your job easier. The stud finder locates wood, metal, studs, and live A/C wires.

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