Being bored at work is not only, well, boring — it’s potentially dangerous. No one wants to be bored at work, but it happens. The job gets mundane, the tasks get repetitive, and next thing you know you’re busy worrying more about what’s for lunch rather than being accurate with that new drill press of yours. Music is a good cure for boredom, though, and it may even help you stay on task and engaged. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best jobsite radios available.

First. let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider one in the first place.

Why Would I Want a Jobsite Radio?

As we’ve already said, music is fun. It’s something we’ve innately known as human beings for centuries. Music will make your workday seem better and your boring jobs go faster! In fact, studies show that time really does fly when you’re having fun.

“But I already have music on my phone,” you might be saying.

That’s true. In this day and age, we have virtually an endless catalog of music sitting right in our pockets, but that doesn’t take away the need for a jobsite radio. If you’re working in a dangerous, high-risk area, you don’t want to mess around with breakable objects.

what is the best job site radio

The best work site radios will be durable, tough, and come with a number of features making it suitable for even large construction sites.

Not to mention, wearing earbuds or headphones is probably not the best idea when working a demanding job. You want to hear and enjoy the music, but you also don’t want to drown out other important noises that keep you alert and ready. Plus, it’s fun to share like minded music with coworkers or friends if you’re teaming up on projects!

Considerations for Jobsite Radios

When shopping for a jobsite radio, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are a few important ones:

  • Is the radio shock- or weather-resistant?
  • Does the radio need to be plugged in or can it run off batteries?
  • Is it Bluetooth capable?
  • What size is it? Is it easily portable?
  • What’s the sound quality like?

Most importantly, you need to know that the radio is built to properly withstand the conditions you will be working in. If the radio can be run off batteries, that’s a plus in case you need to carry it around or happen to not be near an outlet.

jobsite radios

A Bluetooth jobsite radio is great as you can connect your phone or other devices to it and play the music that way. You can still keep your phone safe and sound, but don’t have to rely on AM/FM radio stations or whatever else you’re using to play music on the radio. Size might be a factor if you need to fit it into a tight spot or will need to be lugging it around often.

Finally, yes, being tough and resistant is important and all but you still want the thing to sound good. What’s the point of a radio if you can barely hear it or it sounds like garbage?

4 Best Jobsite Radio Reviews

Without further ado, we’re going to look at various jobsite radios and give you our detailed thoughts.

1. Dewalt DCR025 Bluetooth Radio

best jobsite radio

Dewalt jobsite radios are pretty popular overall. If you’re going off name brand alone, these are easy to come by. One important thing to keep in mind is that the Dewalt DCR025 is not waterproof. If water is a risk at your worksite, you may want to skip over this one.

On the plus side, this radio is Bluetooth compatible so you can stream music from your smartphone through apps like iTunes, Google Music, or Spotify.

jobsite radio

This radio also has the ability to run off of 20v/60v Dewalt batteries. If you’re already using Dewalt tools with those batteries, then the ease of charging is just another pro to this radio. Coming in at 15 pounds it’s neither the lightest radio on this list nor the heaviest. It definitely fits in a good middle range when speaking to portability.

Hell, it even has a bottle opener for break time or when the job is done!

2. Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio

best job site radio

The Milwaukee M18 also runs on both a power cord as well as batteries. Portability should not be an issue here, but the downside is that it is not Bluetooth capable. This may not be an issue for you if you only want to listen to AM/FM radio or plug in your phone or music player directly.

Another pro to this radio is that it has a special compartment that will keep your smartphone safe and charge it simultaneously.

Being so rectangular, it’s not too heavy but it’s resistant enough that you can stack it amongst tools. The Milwaukee M18 is not necessarily the best choice, but it’s not a bad one at all.

3. The “Bosch Box”

Best Sounding Jobsite Radio

best worksite radio

The Bosch PB360C, nicknamed the “Bosch Box,” is durable if not perhaps a little weird looking. Featuring an aluminum rubber-coated roll cage, it’s both weather- and shock-resistant and prepared for just about any tumble or fall.

With four-way speakers and even a subwoofer, this might be the best sounding jobsite radio on this list. Thankfully, the box is Bluetooth compatible and is able to run on either a power cord or on Bosch 18-volt batteries.

jobsite radio for worksite

It even comes with outlets for up to four power tools. Weighing nearly 25 pounds, it’s probably the heaviest on this list and due to its bulky nature, it’s no slouch. It’s still portable, though! Just maybe not as portable as others.

4. Makita XRM08B

best sounding jobsite radio

The Makita XRM08B looks more like a boombox for the beach than a jobsite radio.

That being said, it’s the smallest, lightest, and cheapest out of this whole list. So if you’re trying to fit your jobsite radio into some tight spaces, need to carry it around with you a lot, or just want to save some bucks, it’s a good option.

It has Bluetooth, as well as an auxiliary port for you to connect to directly, but there is no AM/FM radio on this one. With a built-in woofer and tweeter, it packs some decent punch for its size. All around, it’s a good portable and budget option.

What is the Best Jobsite Radio for Me?

Hopefully, you got a look at some great options for jobsite radios. Pretty much any of the above options are worthy of your time and money.

If you’re looking for the best jobsite radio by 2018 standards, though, our money would probably be on the Bosch PB360C, also known as the “Bosch Box.” It features some of the best sounds for a jobsite radio and with its unique roll-cage design it is truly tough and designed for the most intense worksites.  It’s not necessarily the cheapest, but it’s not absurdly expensive either. The Bosch Box really does tick off a lot of boxes.

If you enjoyed our guide on the best jobsite radio of 2018, please feel free to look at the rest of our blogs on power tools for more reviews and advice!

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