Hammers have been long been used to drive nails into wood and other surfaces. They are a simple and an affordable option but unfortunately, not an efficient one when you need to drive thousands of nail into a surface. A brad nailer (aka a finish nailer) will save you time and fingers. Check out our list of the best brad nailers in the section below. It’s time to lock and load baby.

The 5 Best Brad Nailers of 2017

We have made the search easier for you by compiling a list of the 5 best finish nailers on the market. They are easy to use, durable, and work for hours. We highly recommend them to any carpenter, DIY worker, or other professional for efficient and quick nailing power.

1. DEWALT DWFP12231 Brad Nailer

DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic 18 Gauge 2 inch Brad Nailer

The DWFP12231 is a top rated brad nailer from the trusted brand Dewalt. It is our pick for the overall best nail gun. The 18 gauge brad nailer is packed with incredible features and works with 5/8 to 2 inch nails. The maintenance free motor and tool-free jam release mechanism reduces many of the hassles that come with owning and operating your own brad nailer. Furthermore, the adjustable depth-of-drive allows you to get just the right amount of nail to secure whatever it is your working with such as baseboards and trim.

Some of the top  features of the DWFP12231 include the 100 nail magazine capacity, sequential style trigger, containment preventing rear exhaust, and removable non-marring nose tip. Maneuverability is top-notch due to its relatively light weight and comfort is optimized by anti-slip grip features. Any worker can comfortably handle this brilliant nailer and still have full control in a wide array of work conditions.

2. Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nailer

Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5 8 Inch to 2 Inch Brad Nailer

The Hitachi NT50AE2 is a simple lightweight model that is loved by many homeowners, carpenters, and professional contractors. It is our top pick for those of you on a budget. It is very comparable to the Dewalt 18 gauge above. It is ergonomically designed and it also allows the user easily choose between contact fire modes and bump fire. Its elastomer grip optimizes user comfort and enhances grip more than most nail guns basic no grip handles. There is no hassle in the event a nail jam occurs while using the NT50AE2. This is because of the easy to access nose piece that is tool-less for quick nail extraction.

The depth drive adjustment is of professional-grade and allows you to have top grade bonding with a clean, minimal hole. The 360 degrees adjustable exhaust keeps dust, oil, debris and contaminants away from the user and the working surface.

One incredible feature of this model that most users love with is the selective actuation switch that provides fire mode options. Intermittent firing is best for jobs that require precision. The continuous setting is great for rapid firing pace (such as a roofing project) where all the operator needs to do to fire a nail is use a bumping motion along the workpiece surface.

When it comes to weight, Hitachi did its best by honing this unit down and hitting the 2.2-pound mark. This thus allows workers to work with this unit for longer periods without fatigue. If your work involves baseboards, door, and window trims and simple home improvement DIY jobs, go for this model. It will surely exceed your expectations.

3. DEWALT DC608K 18 Volt Brad Nailer

DEWALT DC608K 18 Volt 18 Gauge 2 Inch Brad Nailer

We know, we know. It’s like we have a thing for Dewalt. We do have a thing for Dewalt, and this is another excellent brad nailer with a lot more oomph and is cordless as well. This is our pick for the best 18 gauge brad nailer. It easily made our list and is our pick for the best cordless finish nailer.

When it comes to superior performance, the DC608K is exceptional and beats competitors by far. The 18 Volt 18 Gauge nail gun employs a flywheel mechanism to drive nails whose length is within the range of 5/8 to 2 inches. One great safety feature of this unit is the contact trip lock-off that allows the user to disable the trigger when the gun is not in use. The ergonomic design of this model allows easy and consistent nail penetration into hard and soft joints.

The bump operating mode provides users with a robust rapid fire production speed. In addition, the sequential operating mode allows precise placement. You don’t need a screwdriver or a wrench to remove jammed nails because the DC608K has an easy to access nosepiece. The 12 position depth adjustment is far better than most brad nailers and gives woodworkers the versatility they deserve.

Dewalt includes a LED light in this model to allow the user to make pinpoint brad nail placement in less than optimal light conditions. The battery of this brand is capable of holding a charge for a whole day of continuous use. A low-charge indicator alerts the user when a recharge is required.

4. Porter-Cable BN200C Brad Nailer

Porter-Cable BN200C 2 Inch 18 GA Brad Nailer

This model features a sturdy and lightweight design that delivers excellent nailing performance and is among the best finish nailers. The BN200C has a non-marring nose tip and is also integrated with a rubber grip to improve grip and comfort. The maintenance free motor keeps the work surface stain free.

Featuring a tool-free depth drive adjustment system with detents, this magnesium bodied nail gun provides the excellent setting of nail heads. The jam release mechanism allows you to easily remove jammed nails. A style trigger lock-off switch is also included to lock the gun when it is not in use. The Porter-Cable is also equipped with a reload indicator that alerts the user when a reload is required.

In addition, the model has a special hardened driver blade that increases the lifespan of this gun. The Porter-Cable goes beyond your expectations when it comes to meeting your woodwork nailing needs. It is worth every dollar spent.

5. Stanley TRE650Z Electric Brad Nailer

Stanley TRE650 Electric Brad Nailer

If you’re only going to use the nailer every once and awhile and on a strict budget this is the one. It is our pick for the best electric nail gun. The Stanley is a great performer in terms of cost and is still much faster than using the humble hammer. Capable of firing 5/8 inch to 1 inch nails, the 18 Gauge gun is highly recommended that it is used and plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit. Don’t try to use a power dividing device or performance may suffer. Featuring a soft-handle, this brad nailer is comfortable to work with and reduces hand fatigue. The jam clear mechanism is very efficient and saves you hassle and time.

In addition, an easy-slide magazine makes it easy to restock nails. A brad-empty indicator is integrated into the TRE650 alert you when you’re out of nails and helps speed up the workflow. Depending on the intensity of your work, you can adjust the power by simply turning a dial.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Brad Nailer

There are several brands and types of brad nailers on the market and beginners may get confused on what they are all actually best used for. Whether you’re looking for the best cordless framing nailer or the best pneumatic framing nailer, there’s something for everyone.
Parts of a Brad Nailer

There are two major types of brad nailers. There is the pneumatic brad nailer that relies on air pressure from a compressor to drive nails into the work material at hand. Pneumatic brad nailers are the most common and are used on nearly all kinds of surfaces.

The other type is the electric brad nailer that relies on electricity for power. These models rely on electric motors that are plugged in to give them juice. Because of the bulky nature of their motors, the electric brad nailers are heavier than pneumatic models.

Once you decide which category of brad nailer you want, you have simplified the selection process for yourself and narrowed down the options. However, there are still other factors to consider before forking over your hard earned cash for one of these bad boys.

  • Depth Adjustment. This is a key feature in determining how precise the brad drives nails into the work surface. It determines how deep the nails are driven and if set too deep, can punch a hole right through your material without adhering it. Some brad nailers can be adjusted using a tool and others by hand. What is important is to pick the model that has an effective depth adjustment system. Poor systems can leave the nails crookedly driven into wood or even awkwardly protruding. That means you have to pull that sucker out and go again.
  • Pneumatic or Cordless. Despite the fact that corded pneumatic brad nailers are the most common, you may want something more flexible. The advantage of a cordless brad nailer is its portability. You can use it any job site at your own convenience and don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord. In a workshop setting where there walking around isn’t necessary, a pneumatic brad nailer is more convenient.
  • Angle Adjustment. This feature is crucial when it comes to the safety of the user. Certain projects or tight quarters will require that the brad nailer is used in a given angle or position.
  • Trigger. Trigger mechanisms differ from machine to machine. Some are small in size while others are large enough to be used with gloved fingers. Some brad nailers require that the user taps the nailing surface in order to release the fastener while others respond with the slightest press. The best brad nailer is the one that has several settings options to allow the user to set the nailer depending on his or her needs.
  • Weight. The influence of weight cannot be ignored in any handheld machine. It determines the grip and overall control of the device when working. It is good to choose the brad nailer whose weight you are comfortable with. Models made of magnesium and aluminum alloy tend to be light and thus easily controlled. That will reduce fatigue for those longer projects.
  • Exhaust. Nail guns do release a lot of exhaust and this may cause discomfort to the user. To avoid this mess, it is advisable to choose a brad nailer whose exhaust is adjustable. If it is adjustable you can face it away from the operator. The best location is at the back of the gun next to the air inlet.

Benefits of Buying One of the Best Braid Nailers

With minimal maintenance required, a brad nailer can consistently and accurately land thousands of nails into wood without strain. The tool is simple to use and not bulky enough to tire out the operator. It can be handled by a novice or an expert though care has to be taken to avoid injuries. We never recommend getting overly excited and crazy with your newfound powers and start firing nails all over the place or for pop can target practice. This handheld device must be respected and plays a very crucial role in construction, home improvement, and carpentry.

Brad nailers can be used for crown molding, chair railing, framing, roofing, interior trim, deck building or any other carpentry job involving nails. They employ either air compression or electricity in their powering mechanism. With that said, let’s explore the factors you need to consider before making your decision.

We can’t deny that the hammering experience of some workers is incredibly good and reliable. However, it’s still impossible for even the best and most experienced hammer use to keep up with a brad nailer. Finish nailer guns are more powerful, accurate, faster, and reliable. Whether you are working on wood projects or home improvement brad nails are the most reliable method.

Benefits of buying one of the best brad nailers

There are a variety of reasons as to why you should consider a finish nailer to shoot hundreds of nails into a wide range of surfaces.

Saves Time

The no.1 reason as to why both homeowners and professionals prefer working with nail guns is because they get the job done faster. You can drive hundreds of nails in a matter of minutes, a thousand in a day with nothing but a little arm fatigue.


If you are a novice, one day doing a trim job with a hammer is enough to change your fingers’ shape and brake a few nails. By using a brad nailer you avoid the mess of injuring your fingers. Frankly speaking, you can’t compare a hammer and a brad nailer as far as user safety is concerned.


Mishaps, crooked hammering, and damage to the working surfaces are common outcomes when one is working with a hammer. On the other hand, if you are working with a gun, it is possible to drive thousands of nails into the surface with a high level of accuracy.


Brad nailers aren’t subject to human error. Concentration, fatigue, and a number of other factors can cause human hammering to go awry. These handheld devices use electricity and air compression and they never run out of juice. You pull the trigger and they say yes sir. They aren’t bothered by the squawking of your fellow workers.

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